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A €55 cashback offer: the only risk-free welcome offer on the Internet!

At Expekt we want to make you feel welcome from the start. That's why we're offering a crystal clear proposal to our new customers: simply open an account, place your first sports bet up to €55, and if you lose we will refund your stake! We are giving you the chance to win real money for absolutely nothing while you experience the thrill of betting!

Please note: This offer applies to new Expekt customers who registered at https://eu.expekt.com/ only. Residents of several countries are not eligible to claim this offer, such as; Poland, UK or the Nordic countries.

How to take advantage of our €55 cashback offer:

1. Register an account at https://eu.expekt.com and make your first deposit.

2. Place a sports bet up to €55 of at least three possible outcomes, e.g. Football Match Result (possible outcomes: 1-X-2). The bets must be of at least three possible outcomes, e.g. Football match result (win,draw or lose).

3. If you win your bet, you can collect your winnings as usual, just like any other sports bet. If you lose your bet, we will return your stake straight away! With this unique offer you cannot lose your money, your first bet at Expekt is totally risk-free! If you so wish, you are then able to withdraw your money without any further betting requirements.

An example of our cashback offer at work:

If you fancy placing a €55 bet on Real Madrid to beat Barcelona.

If Real Madrid's odds to beat Barcelona are 5.00 and they win the match, you will get:

€55 x 5.00 = €275

If you lose the bet, your €55 stake is refunded to your Expekt account! You have lost nothing and have enjoyed the thrill of a real bet.

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